Lord High King Dork (hashcode) wrote,
Lord High King Dork

hardwood floors

It'll cost $3000+ to refinish the hardwoods in our house professionally, and no-one seems to be available to do it before we need to move in. I'm pondering whether we should tackle the job ourselves, but I know it's back-breaking work.... already, the joys of home ownership!
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I suppose the question is.. Do they REALLY need to be refinished.
No, they don't really NEED to be refinished.

But, we have these insane, hairy, clawed beasts that we live with... I would like to put down some seriously tough poly coating on the floor to protect it...
Wiegh the pros and cons. You can have them refinished later - after you live with them a little while and see if the dogs are making any marks on them (my dogs don't seem to affect the floors at all). You have enough on your plate with just the move.