Lord High King Dork (hashcode) wrote,
Lord High King Dork

Weird dream week

Whenever I back down on my meds (which I keep trying to do, seeing as I would like to be able to orgasm without requiring 42 continuous hours of humping -- whatever fucking demonic power that decided the most effective anti-OCD meds would smash my libido into tiny pieces deserves to be assfucked by the undead corpse of Andre the Giant.) Oops. Long parenthetical rant there. Let's try again -- Whenever I back down on my meds, my dreams get seriously weird. My dreams are getting progressively weirder and weirder this week. Now I'm not going to bore all .025 people who read my journal with descriptions of my goofy dreams, but if anyone knows a good Jungian therapist I've got some wacky shit for them to analyze...
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