Lord High King Dork (hashcode) wrote,
Lord High King Dork

Old houses - cool, but PAINFUL

Sometimes old houses are THE SUCK. Take for instance, the usually simple procedure of replacing the handle on the front door. I removed the handle, only to find that the hole bored through the door was not only non-standard in being too small, it was also fucking oblong instead of a circle.

Now I've got a new secure handle on the door with a fucking gaping hole underneath until I go get some wood putty and patch it up, and then repaint the door.

Nothing in this house is standard!

And I am a bad do-it-yourself because I start swearing and throwing things after a mere 5 minutes of frustration. And now we're too broke to hire professionals to do this shit for us.

But it's our house goddammit, ours!
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