Lord High King Dork (hashcode) wrote,
Lord High King Dork

losing wife faction points

Went to the hair stylist today. Stylist suggested that he bleach my hair completely. I've wanted to do this for some time, but my wife hasn't liked the idea... but since the idea came from my stylist, not from me, I'm like "SURE!"

I love the way it looks, came out much lighter than I thought it would, totally platinum. But my lovely wife just gave me very icy tones when I told her about it... she hasn't seen it yet, but I think I'm in trouble. At least we have the same stylist so she can aggro on him when she goes in next time instead of me getting the exclusive benefit of her ire.

Well maybe she'll change her mind when she actually SEES it.

So should I have said no when the stylist brought up the idea, seeing as my wife had expressed her dislike for this potential style on me before? Or should I in fact be guilt-free about bleaching out my hair?
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